E2-Labs Certificate Programs

Certified Forensics Expert

E2-labs prepare and put the attendee through numerous certification courses. E2-labs is unique in the field of information security certifications as it not only tests a candidate's knowledge, but also tests a candidate's ability to put that knowledge into practice in the real world. To accomplish this, we go beyond theory, terminology and test the pragmatics of audit, security, operations and management tasks. Certification ensures that certified professionals can keep their skills and knowoledge current through periodic re-certifications and access to the latest, up-to-date information

E2-labs establish and contribute to a universal standard that has been adopted by Government, Military and Corporate organizations whose intellectual property secrets and infrastructure assets are strategic targets for entities with malicious and criminal intent. We believe in vigilance and beating the attacker at their game. Our motto is "The best way of difficulty is through it.”


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