Rapid Response Retainer

Get proactive incident response customized to your cyber-risk profile from our dedicated team of experts.

Minimize your time to contain and recover from a breach

Rapid Response Retainer gives you the expertise, tools and knowledge to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks. It’s designed to mitigate risk, augment your security personnel and control the costs of incident response.

Rapid Response Retainer is best for:

Organizations with fewer than 500 employees who engage online with colleagues and customers as a regular part of their day-to-day operations

Companies that are training staff to detect and prevent cybercrime

Organizations focused on protecting their networks from emerging threats and known dangers on the internet

What is it?

The service includes a core package of essential components, such as a proactive assessment, an emergency escalation protocol and a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA). It also has custom add-on service options, such as endpoint telemetry analysis, network telemetry analysis and more.

How does it help you?

It helps you proactively manage risk by optimizing your remediation measures with advanced planning, forward-deployed capabilities and on-demand resources for incident response. Plus, it helps you control the costs of defending against and recovering from cyberattacks.

Features of Rapid Response Retainer

Incident response planning

Our experts assess your current security procedures, identify gaps and make suggestions to address them.

Elastic SLAs

Use predeployed capabilities to shorten response times.

Tailored services

Select the add-ons you want, from network or endpoint telemetry analysis to dark web hunting or our backbone netflow collection.

Dedicated emergency assistance

Work with your own dedicated investigative liaison as a single point of contact during a breach.

Incident response support

Contact our incident hotline 24/7 and get rapid help from our global teams and threat intelligence platform.


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