Lawful Interception

Lawful interception service is used to record telephone calls by a legal body such as a court of law . It involves finding the right intercepting point for the target and collecting signaling information and/or media traffic. The major problem is the lack of a fixed call path and the separation of signaling and voice messages. It becomes more difficult due to the absence of a centralized server.

Disclosure Management

Disclosure Management allows users to enter disclosure requests with specific parameters in order to retrieve the requested information from a number of available data sources and to deliver the right results. The data retrieval process of Disclosure Management may consist of multiple consecutive data queries at different data sources in order to construct the required data set. After retrieving the data, the results may be validated and converted into the required format.

Disclosure Management makes the results available for the operator who may verify them and send them to the requesting authority. To cater for customer specific process flows and to support teams as opposed to single operators, Disclosure Management can be extended with workflow management based on a standard-based Business Process engine. One Disclosure Management system can administer and segregate many different networks to enable managed service models, for support of multi-tenant networks and multi-country networks.

Location Services

To Law Enforcement location information is a vital source of input in many cases. As a result different regulations require location information to be supplied as part of an intercepted call. This can be driven by criminal investigations in which case Lawful Interception and Data Retention law mandate the availability of location information to complement information about intercepted calls or stored call records. But also regulation that applies to emergency calls demand location information to be available when a call is made.

Cell Monitor

Cell Monitor is a purpose-built device with a small form factor that collects information on cells in mobile networks. Its ability to host op to 12 modems allows measurements to take place in parallel. This simultaneous collects formation on cells of different operators and technologies (2G, 3G and 4G) while mounted on a vehicle for drive testing or installed at a fixed location. The device can carry out continuous measurements and binds that to a specific location through the internal GPS receiver. The measurement information can be real-time uploaded to a central server. With the collected information, coverage maps for GSM / 2G, 3G and 4G networks can be created through our back-end application for all available operators and all networks. In case operator-provided coverage information are available, the measurements can be used to improve the existing coverage maps by overlaying it with the measurements of the Cell Monitor. This functionality is supported through a separately available back-end application that can process the information from multiple devices.

Network Protect

Network Protect is a modular solution that can protect the mobile network against overload situations caused by disasters and other planned or unplanned events. It does this by barring at cell level. Network Protect is a complete solution for Network and Subscriber Barring Control that is built around a central management system. It integrates all necessary network equipment, databases and includes a Graphical User Interface to visualize the network and affected areas. Cells can be bared at access class level enabling the operator to differentiate between the barring of private subscribers and emergency services.

SS7 Secure

SS7 Secure is HLSS answer to today's SS7 Threats. SS7 Secure provides telecom operators with extensive security functions for the SS7 protocol protecting your subscriber’s privacy and preventing the exposure of your network elements towards the international SS7 network. SS7 Secure consists of a number of applications that implement screening functions for SS7 messages, preventing the exploitation of vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol. SS7 Secure not only prevents the sending of spam on the costs of other subscribers or the operator but also prevents that SMS and phone calls can be redirected. With SS7 Secure, the individual subscribers can also no longer be identified and their locations and encryption keys remain private.

Within SS7 Secure the following services are covered: MAP screening, CAP screening, SCCP Global Title screening and SMS Home Routing screening.

Intrusion Detector

Intrusion Detector is HLSS solution to secure your boardroom, to prevent industrial espionage and to protect governmental buildings and headquarters against eavesdropping activities.

Intrusion Detector solution consists of the Command & Control Centre and one or more sensor devices. These sensor devices are setup in a geostationary setup, e.g. attached to buildings or structures and they are able to provide a (static) overview of all mobile cells in range. Using this static overview, the sensor devices in combination with the command & control centre application will be able to detect ‘anomalies’ within the area covered. In most cases these anomalies will be a kind of devices like IMSI Catchers. But also jammers and the use of so called (legal) femto cells for corporate use will be detected.

Intrusion Detector will be delivered with a GUI that will easily be able to depict the cells in range and pinpoint / highlight the anomalies clearly.

Social Media Insights

There is more information available on everything, more than ever before, due to the overwhelming proliferation of structured data and the mass, unstructured cyber data. Access to this data does not guarantee though precise, meaningful or timely insight that is of relevance to your business or organization.

Social Media insights provide unique tools to extract valuable, accurate and actionable information from publicly available data sources, and in particular social media data sources. By using our tools, our customers can efficiently deal with topics of interest, such as vulnerability and threat exposure, fraud detection & compliance and unusual connection detection.

Social Media Insight will provide you with a 360 degree of insight on your case of interest.

With Social Media Insights we provide a true OSINT “in-a-box” solution and it is the only product in its competition domain that works throughout the whole value chain: discovery, collection and analysis. With unique algorithms to reach into the rich and efficiently extract from big data, using cross dimension search capabilities, linguistic tools and exec summaries, Social Media Insights provides a comprehensive coverage of the OSINT market needs.

Our fully web-based and intuitive user interface is designed to be used by analysts who are either fresh or experienced. Providing the best user experience as can be expected from an OSINT application.


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