Protect your customers—and your reputation.

When companies are attacked, personal and financial customer information from payment card data is often the target. Customers trust you with their data, and a breach could permanently damage your reputation. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was designed to help protect payment data from the point of purchase and beyond.

With Payment Card Industry Advisory Service from Verizon, you can assess, manage, and implement a PCI DSS plan to help your business maintain PCI compliance and secure your customer information. At Verizon, we also have one of the largest and most experienced PCI assessment teams in the world, and have conducted hundreds of security assessments around the globe.

What is Payment Card Industry Advisory Service?

PCI DSS is a set of security requirements for companies that process and transmit credit card transactions. Payment Card Industry Advisory Service helps keep you and your customers’ sensitive personal data secure and out of the hands of cyber criminals. With one of the largest teams of Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) worldwide, we know what it takes to achieve and maintain PCI compliance and improve your risk profile.

How does Payment Card Industry Advisory Service work?

We’ve developed long-standing relationships with all of the leading payment card brands and have a clear understanding of what they expect in terms of Payment Card Industry Advisory Service. We use a risk-based methodology in our assessment, which means we dig deep to help you validate Payment Card Industry Advisory Service and maintain your security resilience.

Features & benefits

Payment Card Industry Advisory Service can help you mitigate the risk of breaches, enhance peace of mind and improve relationships with your customers because your company is putting a high value on security. Other features and benefits include:

  • Expertise. Tap into our thought leadership on PCI compliance
  • Coverage. Get access to more than 100 PCI compliance assessors from around the world
  • Programs. Identify critical gaps and how to solve them through proven methods
  • Confidence. ltivate long-standing relationships with payment card brands


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