Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA)

Identify security risks and threats before they can seriously harm your organization.

Proactively guard against cyberattacks.

The Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) offers recurring assessments and written reports that detail specific findings and provide a security-posture score. We tailor recommendations and options to suit your organization and form a solid defense strategy based on actionable data and industry standards.

Cybersecurity Assessment is best for:

Organizations with fewer than 500 employees who engage online with colleagues and customers as a regular part of their day-to-day operations

Companies that are training staff to detect and prevent cybercrime

Organizations focused on protecting their networks from emerging threats and known dangers on the internet

What is it?

The CSA is a set of recurring assessment activities designed to measure the effectiveness of cyber-risk controls and practices in your organization. Conducted in accordance with recommendations from various industry-standard frameworks, CSA provides you with an overall picture of your cyber-risk posture.

How does it help you?

We can help you reduce the risk and impact of data breaches. You’ll be better able to plug security holes exactly where they exist.

Features and benefits

Get the most out of your security assessments.

Reports and scores

Get written reports providing specifics of each test outcome with scoring that indicates your risk posture.

Security guidances

Stay ahead of threats with risk-lowering recommendations that are prioritized by level of severity.

Industry benchmarks

Gain insight into your cybersecurity readiness relative to other businesses in your industry and common standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology—Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF).

Industry relevance

Take advantage of our assessment program, which is applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries.


Avoid disruptions to your business with our assessment, which is delivered remotely and does not require in-depth access to systems.

Objective and repeatable

Measure how changes to your security programs affect your risk profile.


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