Penetration Testing

Change your security posture from reactive to proactive.

Test your security before an attacker does.

It’s critical to be able to identify potential vulnerabilities in the three major categories that affect most businesses - network, wireless and web application. With Verizon’s penetration testing, you can take a proactive approach to securing your organization, assessing cyber threats, and addressing your security gaps across each of these areas.

We have investigated many of largest data breaches on record, conducted hundreds of incident investigations every year, and processed 61 billion security events on average every year. With that experience in security, we can help you find your cyber security vulnerabilities before they become serious threats.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is an important part of managing risk. It helps you probe for cyber vulnerabilities so you can put resources where they’re needed most. Relying on our global experience, we assess your risks and measure the dangers, then use real-world scenarios to help you strengthen your security.

How does Penetration Testing work?

Our penetration testing uses vulnerability scanning tools to probe your network, wireless and application environment for gaps and measures the severity of the risk your network is facing. We can also help you manage identified risks by providing guidance on solutions that help address key issues while respecting your budget.

Features & benefits

Payment Card Industry Advisory Service can help you mitigate the risk of breaches, enhance peace of mind and improve relationships with your customers because your company is putting a high value on security. Other features and benefits include:

  • Experience. Partner with a global company that has more than 12 years of penetration testing experience.
  • Certified. Work with in-country consultant teams that hold 40+ industry and vendor certifications.
  • Flexible.Match your budget and needs with flat rate and custom service plans.
  • Detailed. Get testing that includes post-exploit actions such as privilege escalation and pivoting.


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