Partner Certificates ( Mile2)

Certified Wireless Security Engineer

Wireless networks offer many conveniences that are not available in wired networks, but there are security risk associated with those conveniences that businesses need to understand. The Certified Wireless Security Engineer is prepared to identify those risk that wireless networks present for a business and to create and implement a plan to mitigate those risk.

The C)WSE course will give students real-world experience with solving security vulnerabilities in wireless networks. This is accomplished by students completing hands-on lab exercises with the tools and methodologies that actual malicious hackers use to compromise wireless networks.

Upon Completion

Students will:
1. Have knowledge to detect wireless security threats and risk.
2. Have knowledge to design and implement a solution to mitigate risk and threats.
3. Be ready to sit for the C)WSE certification exam.

Course Content

The C)WSE is a four day course that will cover wireless network security. It is comprised of 11 Modules. During the course students will perform various labs that will fascilitate developing the skills necessary to implement the solutions being learned.


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